TRAFOINDO manufactures oil immersed and dry type transformers under the TRAFINDO brand, with capacity from 25 kVA up to 35000 kVA, maximum voltage of 36 kV. TRAFOINDO transformers are designed and manufactured to meet international and national standards such as SPLN 2007, SLI and IEC 60076 standards. Upon customers request, we are also able to meet other standards like NEMA/ANSI, BS and others.

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TRAFINDO transformers undergo rigorous tests at every stage, starting from the inspection of raw materials, online inspection, and final tests of transformers. Our test facilities also allow for type tests such as impulse voltage test, temperature rise tests and other special tests such as DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis), SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis) and many others.

CSP Circuit Breakers

EFFIBAR is one stop designation where you can avail a higher assortment of CSP (Complete self protections) LV Circuit Breakers. The company engaged into the business of manufacturing and supplying CSP circuit breakers, CSP circuit breakers connected between low voltage winding and bushing of transformers.

CSP circuit breaker provides the entire over current protection to the transformers. In order to perform this critical function its thermal characteristics and the time response to the thermal changes must those of the transformers.

These breakers have find application in low voltage transformers, maintaining the electrical circuit during short circuit and overloads. CSP circuit Breakers helpful in protecting the equipments and property from dangerous hazards.

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